Virtual Receptionist Cost Benefit Analysis

Nothing adds more to your image than showing that you have a team behind you. A receptionist professionally answers incoming calls, mailings, transcription services, and administrative tasks. These tasks can be done by hiring your own receptionist, but consider the cost compared to a Peachtree Offices Virtual Receptionist.

Having a Virtual Receptionist through Peachtree Offices:

Hiring Your Own Full Time Receptionist:

  • Recruiting Expenses- $50-$500
  • Full Time Salary $32,000- $45,000/year
  • Benefits (Insurance) $2000-$8000/year
  • Benefits (401k): $1000-$3000/year
  • Taxes: Social Security/FICA $1600-2600/year
  •  Unemployment/FUTA $500-$2200/year
  • Medicare (1.45% with no salary cap – 
  •  Workmen’s compensation premiums will depend on the category of your employee, with clerical at about 0.3% of Coverage for Sick/Personal Days $120/day.
  • Desk $400-$1200
  • Chair $80-$200 each
  • Copier $450-$2200
  • Computer $900
  • Phone System $55-$250 per phone + set up costs
  • Local Number $35/month to $99/month per line
  • Internet $59/month or more
  • Coffee/Water/Tea $50-$200/month
  • Real Estate for receptionist to sit $950-$10,000/month
    Total = $44,000-$75,000


With more and more startup and companies downsizing their real estate footprint, there are several options for outsourcing phone answering and admin tasks. The benefit to a Virtual Receptionist with Peachtree Offices is being able to see and know your Receptionist. Our team is on site and local to make your professional image greater and your interactions withyour extended team easier.


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