Top 5 Reasons To Meet Clients In A Day Office


If you've ever thought about meeting clients in a day office or conference room, here's even more reasons to do it! 

1. Getting Away From The House

You may have the most luxurious office in your home decked out with furniture equal to Atlanta Living; one that has everything you need at your fingertips. What happens though when you are on a business call and the doorbell rings, your infant wants to play, or the dog starts barking? You make an appointment to see a prospect or client. Do you really want this person to know where you live?  Also, because you are constantly working from home maybe you would like a change of scenery. Human interaction can stimulate the brain and make a person feel and become more professional and learn more from associates.  

2. Price and Flexibility

Not sure you meet clients enough to justify a Virtual Plan? Day Offices can be affordably rented a-la-carte and will make a great impression for those rare meetings. You can also purchase Virtual Office Plans that bundle hours for flexible use.

3. Image 

No matter where you meet for business reasons, an impression is made. Ask yourself what the Coffee Shop meeting is telling your client.  Then ask what a professionally equipped office with all the amenities will tell your clients. You’ve heard of “location, location, location”. How about “image, image, image”?  Don’t sell yourself short. Meeting at your home, coffee shop or at crowded communal work place with multitudes of guests running around is not always the image of confident success you want to convey.

4. Availability. 

With locations all over Atlanta, you can pick your space based on your client’s needs.  Day offices allow that location flexibility and online booking. Some locations are able to offer after hours and weekend meetings for clients as well. Peachtree Offices offers locations throughout the city from Downtown to Midtown to Buckhead and a collection of offices to choose from. If your contract resides at a certain Peachtree Offices location, you do not always have to have your meetings at that one location.

5. Amenities.

Each Peachtree Offices location is housed in a professional business center with on-site administrative assistance available, and a lobby greeter for your guests.

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