Meeting Tips From The Pros at Peachtree Offices

Meetings are a part of the business world and effective meetings are a great way to increase productivity and profits. It's important to make sure meetings stay focused, and do not become a drain on productivity. Peachtree Offices has 10 tip to ensure meeting success.

1) Start and end on time. Make sure everyone is aware that they need to be ready for the meeting to START at the assigned start time. End on time and if there is more to discuss, set a new meeting time.

2) Set an agenda and stick to it. Go the extra mile by having the agenda sent out to all participants so they know what to expect. When things veer off topic make a note and move on to keep things on topic.

3) Set the room up for success. Make sure all seats can see the speaker/presentation, make sure there aren't unnecessary distractions, and if notes need to be taken, allow plenty of room for people to write (and extra pens!).

4) Food. People like to graze and hydrate so be sure to have quiet snacks (finger foods) available. Meetings over meals can be a distraction, so keep meetings to non-meal times and non-restaurant locations.

5) Beverages. Caffeinate and hydrate guests. Have coffee, water, and tea available to meeting attendees, and set it in an easy to access are so people are not disrupting the meeting to grab a water.

6) Location. This could mean close to all those attending or a central location. Either way Peachtree Offices  has you covered with meeting rooms in Atlanta to accommodate 3-18 people across 4 Atlanta Locations. Off-site meetings are a great way to ensure there will be no distractions or interruptions.

 7) Have a separate note-taker. Assign someone in the meeting to take notes and record the outcomes of the meeting. This will free up the… chairperson to actually run the meeting and keep things moving. Then the note-taker should send out… minutes or notes shortly after the meeting summarizing the meeting’s outcomes.” ~Wayne Parker

8) Test out the equipment before the meeting. There is nothing worse than showing up for your presentation and having technical difficulties.

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