Commercial Office Space (1500 S/F or More)

If you need more than 1500 S/F of office space in Atlanta or the surrounding metro area and meet the requirements below, consider commercial office space. To begin your search click here to find commercial office space for lease. If you are looking for less than 1500 S/F of space visit the Peachtree Offices Office Space page.

Commercial Office Space Requirements Checklist

  • The business needs 1500 S/F of office space or more. If you need less than 1500 S/F of space visit our Office Space page.

  • The ability to sign for 3 year or longer lease. Most commercial leases are between 3 and 10 years in length. If you are not able to commit for that long visit our Office Space page. Peachtree Offices has monthly terms as short as month to month.

  • The business has been in operation for a minimum of 2 years & is able to provide audited financials for the business. If the business has not been in operation for at least two years, the ability to fund the security deposit requirements from personal funds. In addition, if the business has not been in operation for at least two years, the ability to sign personally on the commercial lease. If you can't meet these requirements visit our Office Space page, Peachtree Offices has office space available for busineesses without the stringent requirements of commercial office space.

Growing Into Commercial Office Space

When it comes to office space in Atlanta, the team at Peachtree Offices and can assist. No requirement is too small or too large for our team of experts. 

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