Isn’t Voicemail Enough?

   Five Signs You Need a Virtual Receptionist:

  1. When someone calls your office, who answers the phone…you?  What if you are in court, at a deposition, or meeting with a client?
  2. You are relying on your paralegal to be your receptionist & the work load is too much.
  3. You want to impress your clients with calls answered promptly, with a professional customized greeting, but cannot afford to hire a receptionist. 
  4. The office you rent doesn’t have space for any additional staff. 
  5. Answering telemarketing and sales calls is taking you away from your work and wasting too much of your time.  Having your calls screened would help keep you focused.

   Isn't Voicemail Enough?

You might be wondering why not just rely on voicemail and then return calls at your convenience.  You could do that, but you run the risk of new callers hanging up and moving on to the next attorney on their list.  Potential clients don’t want to call an attorney’s office during business hours and get a voicemail.  Current and prospective clients want a live person to answer the phone and reassure them.

   What is a virtual receptionist? 

A virtual receptionist (sometimes called a phone answering service or virtual secretary) is exactly what it sounds like.  A live person, located off-site, answers your calls during normal business hours.  Peachtree Offices virtual receptionists are extensively trained in customer service and all calls are answered customized to your specifications.  Each caller is treated professionally and all information is kept strictly confidential. Another great option with our answering services is that you can easily update your call handling instructions. For instance, if you will be in court all day, you can let the receptionist know to put all calls into voice mail. Also, if you are expecting an important call, you can let the receptionist know to call your cell with that specific caller.

Peachtree Offices has receptionist services plans starting at $50.00/month. Click here to learn more.

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