Is Coworking Working For Your Business?

Here's the deal:

If you own a company, do you really want your employees working in a coworking environment? Do you want them working, talking, emailing, researching, etc. in close proximity to others working for another company, perhaps even a competitor? In a traditional coworking environment, you would be unable to closely monitor your employees’ business practices, thereby putting your company at possible risk.

So, does this mean coworking is not for you:

No, it does not! The solution is simple – lease an affordable office and create your own coworking space comprised of only your employees. Coworking spaces made up of employees from the same company can help the workers find accelerated serendipity. Coworkers can bounce ideas off each other, inspire one another, and together build their network inspired by the brand that brought them together. Book a tour to learn about creating your own coworking space at Peachtree Offices with locations in Perimeter, Midtown, Buckhead & Downtown & fully furnished office space with internet and more.

Pros to Coworking

  • Lower Costs | Many times a large office can be less expensive than several smaller ones, resulting in possible savings. You will have access to copiers/scanners, fax machines and perhaps receptionists to answer phones and greet guests. Because it is a shared environment, the costs can be less than a private office.
  • Accountability | Sometimes, having other people nearby helps to keep your creativeness and passion elevated. By sharing your plans and goals with others, you can be held accountable for your day’s progress.
  • Community Spirit | Not only is working alone often tiring, ultimately you may discover that you are lonely. Even if you are a bit of an introvert, you may enjoy some comradeship. We look to others to share our successes, discuss our losses and take in counsel. What better place to promote the entrepreneurial spirit than with other people of the same mind?
  • Creativity | Sometimes, it can take an enormous amount of time and energy to reach a solutions to our problems. By being in a shared work environment, you can reach out to fellow employees to get their advice. Many times they will have undergone comparable problems and may suggest an original resolution or useful recommendations.

Cons to Coworking

  • Distractions | A coworking space is designed to boost efficiency. Remember, you are there to work. Keep the mingling to your scheduled breaks.
  • Conflicts | It’s expected that disagreements will occur sometimes when sharing space with others. When conflicts appear, settle the dispute politely and maturely.

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