Atlanta Legal Experts & Attorney Networking Group

Some attorney to attorney networking groups simply hold meetings where the members are left to fend for themselves. Other groups are built around massive coaching programs.  However, Atlanta Legal Experts & Attorney Networking Group takes a slightly different approach. 

While the group does not offer coaching, its meetings are guided. This involves the strategic placing of members who regularly refer business to one another and guide them to make an introduction.  The result is making personal introductions on a professional level so that each attendee knows they will not only be helping build someone else’s practice, but their business will grow also.

A Unique Approach to B2B Professionals Referrals

Are you in the legal profession? Would you like to meet more of those contacts so you can become a resource for your clients?  The Atlanta Legal Experts & Attorneys Networking Group will help you create a team of people to serve your clients. 

You will also have an opportunity to meet other attorneys and build lasting relationships. You will know who your client needs to talk to if they are in need of a service you don’t provide and; more importantly, other attorneys will know who to send to you.


The organization is led by the same team of business professionals that brought you the groundbreaking radio show, Atlanta Legal Experts.  After seeing the business being made around the table inside the studio, Peachtree Offices realized there was a need they could fulfill.  They responded by launching the Atlanta Legal Experts & Attorneys Networking Group. 

Due to the group’s strategic alignment with Peachtree Offices, its networking events are held at alternating Peachtree Office locations (Buckhead, Midtown Atlanta and Downtown Atlanta).  Peachtree Offices provides executive office space, along with virtual offices, receptionist services, meeting rooms, and day offices to attorneys.

The ongoing relationship with the Atlanta Legal Experts Radio Show and Peachtree Offices ensures an expansive database of referral partners.

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