5 Reasons To Choose A Professional Business Address Instead of a PO Box.


We have all heard the age old adage about “You only get one first impression”.  So what impression does a PO Box (or your home address) give to prospective clients? Certainly that you are cost conscious, but what else does it say?

   1). Credibility: A PO Box doesn’t identify your company with success.

Using a professional business address offers credibility, even for businesses where customers don’t traditionally visit the premises. Basically, it’s easier to trust a brick and mortar business than one with no real location.

The first drawback to PO Boxes is the lack of a street address, for example:
Your Company Name
PO Box 123456
Atlanta, GA 30303

A Peachtree Offices professional business address DOES include a street address. For example:
Your Company Name
235 Peachtree St NE.
Suite 400
Atlanta, GA 30303

   2). Searchability. Most business searches are completed online.

Most search engines will not accept a PO Box as a valid business address for a map listing. A Peachtree Offices professional business address provides a real address that can be used for a map listing.

   3. Deliveries. The Post Office will not sign for deliveries from outside vendors such as UPS & FedEx. Peachtree Offices will receive deliveries from any carrier on your behalf with a Virtual Office plan that includes a professional business address.

   4. Clients. What happens when a client wants to drop by and leave paperwork for you?

What impression are they getting when they navigate to your “office” and find themselves parked outside of your home, the local UPS Store or Post Office? With a Peachtree Offices Virtual Office, your clients enter a professional building equiped with a lobby, offices, and conference rooms. The Peachtree Offices receptionist can also help explain why you are not in the office should a client drop by unexpected. For instance, “Thank you for stopping by, Mr. Smith is not available right now but I will let him know you stopped by”. You can also utilize those offices and conference rooms to meet clients.

   5). Access. What if clients and prospects want to meet with you?

If your “office” is the Post Office, where do you have your meetings? Expensive hotels and un-professional coffee shops? With a professional business address you have access to all 30+ Peachtree Offices Meeting Rooms and Offices. With Peachtree Offices, as your needs grow and change so can your Virtual Office plan. Start with the Mail Service Pro for as little as $50/month. As your business grows add receptionist services,  conference rooms and office hours.