Shared Office Space Doesn't Have To Be Ultra-Open

Top 5 Reasons Shared Office Space Works Better When It's Not Ultra-Open



  1. Look: Not every business will thrive in an ultra-open space. If your business has a client base made up of people in all age groups from millennials to baby boomers, some will not like the ultra-open environment. At Peachtree Offices, we design our space to appeal to all demographics by designing with quality, form & function as the corner stone.

  2. What's the real story: Collaboration & teamwork are not dependent on an ultra-open space. One of the benefits of shared office space is the ability to collaborate easier with your team & other businesses. Collaboration and team work are not dependent on wide open spaces. At Peachtree Offices, we design our spaces to be aesthetically pleasing and the perfect balance of form with function to nurture productivity & collaboration.

  3. Here's the deal: Workspace flexibility is not dependent on ultra-open space. The biggest benefit to shared office space is the flexibility it provides. Most start-up businesses want a short-term lease. This can be accomplished without open space. At Peachtree Offices, we offer lease terms and membership plans as short as month to month in a more traditional office environment.

  4. Bottom line: An office space first and foremost is a place to get work accomplished. Studies have proven that there are downsides to an ultra-open office space environment. It is harder to concentrate if there are other people talking around you. The brain is not wired to multitask and small distractions can cause you to lose focus for upwards of 20 minutes. Also, ultra-open spaces can negatively affect your memory. Studies have proven that you retain more information when you work routinely at the same workstation. At Peachtree Offices, we provide a professional environment where you can get work done.

  5. What's the real story: A shared workspace that has lots of open space is not cost effective. That wide-open space is costing somebody money. The more wide-open space you see, the more the cost is passed along to the actual private office space. Most businesses that start with a Coworking membership have a dream of needing a private office space eventually, even if their goal is to make that private office space into their own exclusive coworking environment. In reality, a private office in an ultra-open shared office space environment likely costs twice as much as the same size office in a more traditional shared office space environment per square foot.  On top of that, most open shared workspace companies that offer “private” offices for companies that want to grow, only have glass-enclosed office space that really aren’t “private” at all. Compare Peachtree Offices pricing to anyone else in the Atlanta market and you will find we are the best value in Atlanta.

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